2014-2015 Audition & Placement Dates for New Students

Auditions For Ensembles: by Appointment

Appointments will be set by the Academy as applications for new students are received, and parents will be notified of the date and time of their appointments.
Only Audition Fees (below) are paid at that time.

ACO students re-audition every year for seating.


Junior and Pre-College Division Auditions and Placement (AMNW)

youngpianist270New Students (9-18) are required to audition.

Audition Requirements:

  • Two or three octave scales and arpeggios for string players; three or four octaves for pianists; one to two octaves for wind and brass players.
  • Works from two contrasting periods and styles
  • Sight-reading

Each new student is heard by 3 jurors, then given theory placement evaluation, followed by a brief meeting with the President.

Auditions are not required for returning students.

Composition students must be competent on one instrument, and must submit samples of their own compositions as part of their audition. Computer printed scores are appreciated, but computer generated compositions are not allowed. Beginning composers are exempt from this submission, but are expected to advance quickly under Academy guidance to remain in the composition program.

If a student wants to participate in an Ensemble, “Ensemble” should be checked on the application.


AMNW Audition and Placement Interview Fees

Fees are paid on the day of the audition/interview appointment.
Siblings pay separate fees, but are scheduled consecutively for family convenience.

Juniors (ages 9-12) & College-Prep (13-18): 
$50 with instrumental ensemble audition.
Auditions do not guarantee ensemble placement if the student is not ready to work at this level.

NEW: Registration Fee for New & Returning AMNW students (all ages) $25 
This covers the annual cost of processing each registration form, responding to families, scheduling appointments, and updating email and database information for each enrolled student.
This fee will be included in the final tuition total, and is paid with the first payment in September.


Academy Chamber Orchestra (ACO)

New and Returning students audition for placement and seating in the Academy Chamber Orchestra each year.

See the ACO pages for those fees, which are separate from AMNW fees.