Camden Shaw’s quartet in the news

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Academy Faculty Alumn. news

Brandon Derfler, former Associate Provost and fabulous faculty member of Academy until 2013, has been appointed Chair of the Music Department at Westminster College (Salt Lake City). He recently accompanied Metropolitan Opera tenor Hugo Vera in a solo recital, conducted the Utah premiere of Philip Glass’s multimedia piece The Photographer, and concluded an experimental course called “The Music of Two Ring Cycles: Wagner and Tolkien.” He will be taking a group of Westminster students to Italy for two weeks in May 2016 with a professor from the Art Department.

“Let there be light”

Faculty member Steve Creswell performed at University of Oregon’s Bach Festival in June, onstage with a very large band presenting Haydn’s “Creation” oratorio on period instruments. When Haydn premiered the work in 1798, there were 120 musicians and 60 choristers in the ensemble, with the orchestra split into 3 mini-orchestras that were phased in and out by Haydn to create suspense and deliver awesomeness.


Looking out for everyone in our community

St. Dunstan’s church begins hosting Tent City 3 through the month of August, 2015. This special outreach shelters around 100 regular residents is funded by SHARE and WHEEL. For more: