fingerboard250Junior Division Tuition

  • Music Studies: $800/year
  • Ensemble elective: $1000/year (by permission)
    This 2-hour class includes Chamber Ensemble and Performance Workshop
  • Other Electives: $800/year or as noted.

Pre-College Division Tuition

Students entering the Academy enroll in our core curriculum, which includes four hours of classes a week (music theory, ear training, ensemble, and performance workshop). Placement will be made after the required audition/assessment appointment. Exceptions to this are by approval of the Academy. Students wishing to participate only in ensemble/performance class will be admitted by permission.

Students who have completed the prerequisites or tested out of them can take a range of electives, including conducting, composition, sonata literature, music history & literature (see Program listings for details). Tuition is on a per-class basis. There is a minimum enrollment of 6 per class. Some classes (including ensembles) which require smaller class sizes will have a slight tuition increase to cover costs.

  • Total core curriculum tuition: $2600/year (Theory, Ear Training, Chamber Ensemble, and Performance Workshop)
  • Ensemble Only $1000/year
    This 2-hour class includes Chamber Ensemble and Performance Workshop
  • Other Electives: $800/year or as noted.
  • Classes requiring a smaller class size (such as Conducting): $1000/year

Additional Fees

Audition/Assessment Fee:
The Audition/Assessment fee is $50.  Audition details will be provided upon receipt of your application. Audition/assessment of students is necessary to ensure that they are placed in the appropriate level of classes.  Returning 2014-15 students can opt out of auditions unless they wish to assess progress.

Registration Fee:
There is a onetime registration for all students: $25

Master Class:
Typical master class participation fee is $50

Other Fees:
Please note some electives may have minor additional supply costs.

Academy Chamber Orchestra

Please see the Academy Chamber Orchestra website for tuition and audition requirements.

Tuition Payment Options

Payments can be cash, check, or credit card. For those wishing to spread out tuition payments, a payment plan must be agreed upon with the Academy, signed and in place by the first day of school.

Payment Options:

  • Pay in full by first day of class.
  • Pay by semester.  Each semester must be paid by the first day of class. (no discounts available)
  • Pay by month.  A four to six month plan may be available but must be approved in advance by the Academy.
  • Pay Automatically by Month.  You may choose to set up an automated monthly payment through your bank or by credit card or check.  A four to six month plan is available.

Refund/Withdrawal:  Full refund will be given if withdrawal is before or on the first week of class less the non-refundable fees.  After the second week of class, a 50 percent refund will be given less the non-refundable deposit.  No refunds will be made after the third week of classes.  Registration and audition fees are non-refundable.

Only one discount may be applied per student tuition.

Sibling Discount
A discount of 5% will be applied to additional siblings enrolled at the Academy. (If tuition rates differ, the discount will be applied to the lower rate.)

Bring a Friend Discount
Bring a friend and receive a $100 discount (tuition only). To receive this discount two or more students must register together and enroll in the full program.